Distribution of nutritional support

Distribution of nutritional support

24 Jun 2016

On 12.06.2015, TMSSS distributed nutritional products like Boost, Oats, Dates, Cereals & Nuts to the beneficiaries of this project “Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis” Rev. Fr. John Selvaraj presided over the function & Dr. Ms. Sujatha Amalraj felicitated the same.

Fr. John is his presidential address thanked City of Hope & Joy Foundation, Spain for their generous financial support to the TB affected people to improve their health so that they can overcome the side effects of medication. And also he appreciated the self confidence of TB patents as they are continuing the treatment without break despite their short comings. Finally he applauded the committed services of Out Reach Workers as they keep in touch with those TB affected at regular intervals through individual counseling and motivation.

Later Dr. Ms. Sujatha explained clearly the importance of taking medication. She told that the medicines react to the bacterial infection very slowly as they are very powerful. Hence the six month course of DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short course) is very helpful to completely eradicate the disease from the affected. She insisted once again the audience to continue the medication without fail.

Later, in the feedback session, two of the TB affected persons named

  • 1. Mr. Subramani, 55 years, M. Thulukampatty
  • 2. Ms. Mariya Arockiam, 50 years, Nochimedu

have publicly testified that only due to the intake of supplementary Nutritious foods were able to recover and to look after their own personal works without any fatigue. They stated that they are happy because they are also being respected by their community people.